Remember when you were young and you didn't have any holes in your earlobes, you would use these clip ons you could buy in the stores. Now these clip ons might have not been useless after all. Today's ear cuffs brings us back to that time.

1. Easy to put on

The worst thing about earrings is the struggle sometimes to put them on, it's either already closed or you simply can't find the exit. The struggle is over with ear cuffs, simply twist them on your ear on the smallest part of your ear and move them to the place you would like. Depending on your ear you can even wear them as a conch earring.
Be careful: You don't want to pull or push on the ear cuff or you might damage it beyond repair.

2. Easy to combine

Ear cuffs are the perfect item to complete your ear party with! They can easily be matched with any of your golden or silver earrings. Perfect for that festival look this summer, or those summer brunches with the girls.

3. No need to pierce your ear

The best thing about these ear cuffs is that there is no need to pierce your ears. So, if you're not sure about whether it would suit you or not. Just try one of the ear cuffs first. Already have a piercing? No worries, you can still wear our ear cuffs as an extra one below or above your own piercing.

4. Perfect touch

As mentioned before you can combine them however you like with as many earrings as you want. However if you want to go for a more low profile vibe, you can just wear them as a single ear cuff, which will give you a sleek look.