Imagine you're at a festival and you want to bring your phone to the concerts, you don't want to bring an entire purse but you also don't feel like carrying your phone in your hand all day. Now what? We have the perfect solution for your problem!
An all time favorite that can be worn all year long but each year has its greatest comeback during the summer are our phone cases with cords. Our new phone cases aren't just regular cases, they come with their own strap to hang around your torso. The best thing about these new cases is that they are available in many different colors along with their matching cord. This way you can combine them however you like!

Let's go to the mall

Not only during festivals are these phone cords a handy trick, think about your visits to the mall when you are carrying 5 bags on each hand and have no more free hands for your phone. With your phone around your neck you always have it close if you need to snap a quick photo.

Out and about

Or when you are going out and you actually only need your phone, simply hang it around your torso with a cord that matches your outfit and it's a double win; a trendy accessory and your phone close by. Go with one of our pearl collection phone cases and cords, these cords give that classy twist to all your outfits!

Trendy and comfy

Even when you are just at home cleaning or doing whatever a person does at home you can wear these phone cords. You are still free to do whatever you want with your hands but have your phone close if someone would call you. Go with one of our soft cords these are comfort to wear and still as stylish in the different colors available.

Safety First

Even in moments or places where you don't think you would need it it can be of use. For example when you are riding your bike. No more hassle trying to find your phone in your bag or trying to get it out of your pocket and almost falling over. Just simply grab it from around your neck and let if fall back down. Safe and efficient!

How to style it

Not only can you match these cords with your outfit, you can also match them with your other accessories. For example our pearl cords can be matched with some pearl earrings or our necklace. Want to go for a more subtle match? Style one of the color cords with some earrings in the same color and give your outfit that special touch.