Nothing is more annoying than jewelry that discolors, green fingers or irritated earlobes. We wanted to offer affordable yet waterproof jewelry with Folie à Trois. This is where our search began! Often you can find information on a site about what material the earrings are made of, but do they discolor? Can I shower and play sports with them? All the different terms, but still not sure whether you can swim with them or not.
In this blog we will explain everything about the different materials we use.
We use three materials in our collections:
  • 925 Sterling + 14K gold plating
  • Stainless Steel + 14K gold plating
  • Synthetic Cubic Zirconia
We do NOT use copper or brass in our jewelry, these are materials that cause the jewelry to discolor easily.

925 Sterling Silver + 14K Gold Plating

The majority of our jewelry is made of 925 Sterling Silver. This is a material that consists for 92.5% of silver, the other 7.5% consists of other metals. If we would make the jewelry out of 100% silver it would be very flexible and break easily. The 7.5% residual metals serve to make the jewelry strong so that it retains its shape.
The gold jewelry is made from the same material, but they get their gold color from a layer of 14K gold. The jewelry is plunged into a bath of liquid gold.
925 Sterling Silver is waterproof yet it is best to avoid acidic products such as shampoo or disinfectant hand gel.
925 Sterling Silver is our favorite material, however it needs to be taken care of and maintained. How? We will explain this in another blog post.

Stainless Steel + 18K Gold Plating

Some of the jewelry in our collection consists of Stainless Steel. The name says it all, steel that does not discolor. Stainless Steel also called Stainless Steel, is strong, will not discolor, and is also nickel-free, so will not show any allergic reaction to the jewelry.
Why don't we use Stainless Steel for all our jewelry? It is a heavy material, this would make certain earrings very heavy and less comfortable to wear.

Synthetic Cubic Zirconia

A lot of our jewelry contains rhinestones, in all colors of the rainbow. These stones are made from synthetic cubic zirconia. They are imitation diamonds, the material has optical properties that are much closer to those of a diamond than any other material. The material contains a large number of different colors which makes them sparkle beautifully.
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