Christmas is right around the corner, hunting for the perfect gift? This round-up of our 5 favorite gifts will guide you in picking up gifts for your love ones or yourself (yes you, you deserve a Christmas present).


1. Moving Up NECKLACE

A touch of diamond necklace makes the look complete, they come in silver and gold and looks good on every skin tone. A sparkling touch around the neck.

This waterproof and stainless necklace will boost up your confident,  budget friendly but quality at the same time. Having any doubt? Just try and see!



2. Play On Repeat EARRINGS

A colorful earring for the season? Say no more! These earrings are a show stopper as they bling on the ears and make everyone stare continuously at you.

They are definitely made to call for attention. You walk in the room, and all eyes are directed at you.


3. Can’t Stop HAIRBAND

This hairband is designed to gather your hair at one place and to avoid the wind messing up your hair. 

Imagine waking up extra early in the morning to style your hair, only for it to be messed up by the windy weather, nobody wants that! That alone should be a reason to get this hairband, the choice is more as they come in brown, red, green and black.



4. Vintage Vibes RING

These rings give both vintage and Christmas vibes with them being so colorful. Comes in four different colors such as; lilac, black, green and silver.

No matter the colour you go for, every single piece will compliment your festive nails for the Christmas season.


5. Travel Jewelry Case

You can't go on holidays and leave your favorite jewelries behind! That's why the TRAVEL JEWELRY CASE should be on your shopping list, the case is wrapped with fine quality dark green velvet.  

Aside the fact that it saves space in your luggage, it also keep your precious treasures organized and protected.


 Last but not least

I know you have been guided enough to make the right choice. Make sure to click on the link directed to our website. Something caught your eye? Just put them in the shopping cart.