About Me

Hi there! Lovely to meet you 💕

Let me introduce myself to you: I am Yana Habets, a 22-year-old International Business student from Maastricht. For the next 18 weeks I can call myself a proud member of the Folie à Trois team.

During my time here, I will mainly focus on everything that has to do with marketing and communication for the brand. I will also be working on my bachelor thesis the upcoming 18 weeks and hope that I can be of great help for the brand.

Why Folie à Trois

The last couple of years I have developed a real admiration for fashion, accessories, and jewelry. Let’s call it the fashion industry 😉. I started to get familiar with the latest trends and shared these on my socials. So, when I heard that I needed to do an internship for a period of 18 weeks it was very clear for me; I wanted to combine 2 of my biggest passions: marketing and fashion!

In addition, when I first saw the vacancy of Folie à Trois, I immediately got enthusiastic. What an authentic, trendy, young and ambitious company! When I got selected for an interview and got to meet the team members of the brand, there was no doubt left for me. I wanted to be a part of this company!

What I do besides my internship

As I already mentioned, I love everything that has to do with fashion. Unfortunately for me, this also leads to a lot of shopping.

Fun fact: beside my shopping addiction I am also a real sports enthusiast. I play soccer and tennis, I love to run (not in cold weather though), and I love to go to the gym.

Even though the facts above prove otherwise, I also love to spend the night watching series with my family or boyfriend while eating a whole bag of chips by myself 😎.

This or That

Let's have a look at my favourites 🤍