Hi there! As most of you already know (or don't know yet), we package our jewelry on special cards. But did you know that all these girls also have their own character? Each card represents an unique personality, just like the diverse range of women who rock our jewelry.

We believe that every piece of jewelry should not only enhance your style but also reflect your unique character. Besides, we want our customers to feel special from the moment they open their order.

It's important to us that everyone finds a way to express themselves through our items. Folie à Trois is all about keeping it real and making self-expression easy and fun. Our items aren’t just about adding a little sparkle – it's about telling your story, loud and proud. Whether you love classic elegance or statement pieces, there is a girl in our collection waiting for you! 💖

Let's introduce them:

Amber is passionate about all things fashion. She ended up combining this with her job. She is fascinated by the latest trends and likes to experiment with different outfits. She is a self-confident woman who vouches for self-love and is actively involved in this. Through her passions, she strives to inspire others.


Anaïs has a keen eye for detail and aesthetics. She finds joy in creating visually appealing designs and capturing the beauty of the world through her photography. She is critical of her own work and always strives for perfection. Anaïs takes a goal-oriented approach and does not give up until she achieves her goals. Sofie sees her art as a form of self-expression and a way to share her unique perspective on the world.


When Malika is not taking care of her children, she is busy finding inspiration for new recipes for her own business. An enthusiastic and lively woman, she is completely absorbed in exploring different markets and cafes in the neighborhood. Her days are filled with a sparkling energy as she combines her passion for baking with her entrepreneurial spirit.


Louize is passionate about literature in all its forms. From classics to contemporary novels, she can spend hours getting lost in the world of words and stories. She loves exploring different genres and authors, and she is always looking for new books to read. Louize strives for academic success and is determined to deepen her knowledge and turn her passion into a fulfilling academic career.


Emma is a young woman with a passion for art and culture. Her days off are filled with visiting various museums and galleries. Emma's love for art goes hand in hand with her quiet nature, she is a quiet enjoyer and likes to take her time to take in every detail. She can often be found with a good book in her hands.


Julie is a creative student and has a very open-minded spirit. Her passion for fashion reflects not only in her studies, but also in her daily life, where she dreams of a future as a fashion designer. Together with her friends, she scrolls on Pinterest to discuss new ideas and trends. 


Veronique is an adventurous and curious young woman who is passionate about the human spirit and the diversity of cultures around the world. She has a heart full of desire for adventure. She is open-minded and tolerant, and is always ready to meet new people and have new experiences. As a passionate traveler, Veronique is always looking for new destinations to explore. She loves planning her next trip, for her this is the perfect way to further develop herself.


Chloë is a lively and extroverted young woman.  She is energetic and enthusiastic, always ready for a chat. In her free time, Chloë enjoys discovering new bands and artists. She enjoys attending local gigs and concerts in Antwerp, where she can experience the city's vibrant music scene. She also plays guitar herself and has a band with her friends.


Although shy by nature, Marie is also extremely kind and caring. She is a gentle young woman and enjoys quiet activities. In her free time, she is on social media a lot and puts her digital passion into creating the cutest Instagram photos and TikTok videos.  Louise loves to be inspired by her Instagram & Tiktok feed to discover the latest fun trends. 


Zarah is a driven and focused woman. Both in her work life and private life, she exudes professionalism. In her free time, Zarah is very athletic and likes to challenge herself. She enjoys various activities such as running, yoga and tennis. She loves being outdoors and enjoying nature. Zarah is forward-looking and always has ambitious goals in mind.


Camille is a warm-hearted and caring woman who dedicates her life to taking care of others both inside and outside of work. Her family is central to everything she does, and she enjoys spending quality time with her husband and children. She is an extremely family-oriented person, who gets her happiness and satisfaction from taking care of her loved ones. Camille is interested in health and wellness, and strives to promote a healthy lifestyle for her family and herself.


Be surprised by the variety of styles and let one of our girls become your companion, your confidante and your storyteller.  Let them infuse your life with sparkle and character, in a way that only they can.✨