Even though our jewelry is waterproof, you need to maintain it so that it stays beautiful for a long time. How long the jewelry remains gold has to do with the thickness of the layer of gold. The thicker the layer, the less quickly the color will wear off. The thickness of the layer is expressed in mircon, we always use 3 mircon.

How quickly will the gold layer wear off?

This depends on the PH value of your skin, which is different for everyone. The higher your PH value, the faster the layer will wear off. For one person this may already be after two years, for another the jewelry may still be in perfect condition after five years.

Your jewelry gets a black / brown color, but they were still waterproof?

This indeed has nothing to do with water. The brown color comes from being exposed to light and air, this is called oxidation. You certainly don't have to throw them away, because this can be solved very easily! You can polish them with a silver polish cloth. Rub them and they shine like new again.
You can prevent your jewelry from blackening by always storing it properly when you're not wearing it. For example in one of our nice jewelry boxes.
In the previous blog post we explained what 925 sterling silver is. So we told you that they are waterproof, but with certain precautions, you can make sure they stay beautiful for life. For example, you can shower with them but it is best to avoid corrosive products such as shampoo, Saltwater or water with a high amount of chlorine can make the layer of mircon wear off faster. Also be careful with sunscreen and body lotion. Always take off your rings when using acidic products such as disinfectant hand gel.
With all these tips you can make sure that your jewelry keeps its shiny color for a very long time!