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6 summer trends you don't want to miss out on

We always try to stay on top of all the jewelry trends! Here we listed six of the biggest jewelry trends this summer. Of course, we also added those in our collection. Trend 1: Layering

We all love a good layer! Layering is nothing new, it has been a big trend for the past seasons. You can layer some new pieces with some timeless pieces you already own. This way it's easy peasy to stay on-trend. Mix and match! We will also write a blog post about how to layer like a pro.

Trend 2: Big Hoops

The bigger the better. Hoops are a classic and have never been out of style. We personally love some thick golden hoops. Dainty elegant pairs are also perfect, even double or trippel hoops are hot this summer. Trend 3: Colorful Jewelry

Spice up your game! This summer is the perfect time to try to incorporate some color into your bling. Pair them with a monochrome outfit or with a bold bright 'fit!. We are thinking about some colorful rhinestone or some playful pearls. Trend 4: Oversized Chains

Chains are perfect for layering, but this summer you can go a little bit chunkier. You can wear them from day time to night time. We like some gold ones, but we also put some silver ones in our collection for all the silver girls out here! Not only necklaces but also some chain bracelets. Trend 5: Shoe Jewelry

We don't mean you have to bedazzle your shoes, that's is so 00's. Just add an anklet and your outfit will be hot from top to toe. Anklets are really cute under a dress or skirt, with sandals or sneakers. Trend 6: Pearls Not only the classic pearls are a big thing this summer, but so are the colorful glass pearls. They are perfect together. Try some dainty gold jewelry with some natural shaped pearls in combination with a colorful bracelet. We will add some handmade bracelets later!

Now you got the gist of what's going to be trendy, try it out for yourself and let us know what's your favorite!

Lots of love, Team Folie à Trois

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