3 tips to slay on your first day of work

Be it the first day of a new school, a new job or you just entered the working market, a new experience is always a little stressful. We’ve prepared some tips for you to get you in the right mindset to slay that first day.

be prepared

New place equals tons of new faces and information, so be prepared and try to keep track of everything that is said. Now that is easier said than done. There’s plenty of really great productivity tools online but having a paper planner still makes a world of difference to make you look and feel like you know what you’re doing. We recommend the 2021 WILL BE MY YEAR planner. With a simple but cute look, you'll be on top of your sh*t and show everyone what you've got.

be confident

Not only being prepared helps but being confident is really attractive. So put on the outfits you feel the most confident in and go for it. Ps don't forget to add some accessories to glam

up your look.

We can't get enough of it:

the debardeur

We see it everywhere and for a reason. It just looks so effortless but still quite stylish. Pair it with a white button-down for a business casual look or on its own for a more trendy look.


Now the previous tips may help you but you are where you are because you’ve worked for it. If the company chooses for you there must be a good reason. So smile and be happy because we know you can do it!

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